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Sunrise Pashmina: Premium Quality at Fair Prices

Why buy from Sunrise Pashmina?

Here are the Top Eleven Reasons

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Top Eleven Reasons to Buy Your Pashmina Shawl from Sunrise

#1: Total Safety. Full guarantee on all purchases. No restocking fees.

#2: Attentive personal service and top quality products, beautifully presented. Nobody has better stuff. And ours is all handcrafted: hand-loomed, hand-dyed, hand-embroidered, hand-beaded, hand-checked, hand-wrapped.

#3:Information! We have more and more useful information about pashmina wraps than any other Web site. If you have a question that's not answered in our FAQ, just contact us. If we don't have the answer, we'll find it.

#4: Gazillions of choices. Three sizes of shawls, two sizes of mufflers, two sizes of meditation shawls (travel blankets), plus baby blankets and ponchos. Hundreds of colors. 100% pashmina or silk blend (70/30 or 50/50). A range of weaves: basic, twill, herringbone, superfine Pumori, double-weight. Embroidered borders or full-surface embroidery. Herringbone, twill, basic, or jacquard weave. Fringed, fringeless, and multiple styles of beaded fringes. Prints. Ombre two-tone dying. And more options to come!

#5: "Bridal Special": 10% discount and free shipping for orders of $300 or more -- provided the order includes at least three identical shawls ... even if you're not getting married!

#6: We take Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. Our shopping cart is secure. Payment is easy, and you're protected.

#7: $14.50 flat-rate express shipping charge from Nepal... for any number of pieces to any single destination. Lots of companies will tell you the charge depends on weight and destination and manner of shipment... so you don't know how much the purchase will cost until you've wasted a lot of time. With us, you know. And yes, we do lose money on the shipping costs.

#8: We are reliable and we are fast. Pret-a-Porter pieces generally take three days from placement of order to delivery in the US, and that's without special handling charges. In a bind? We can deliver a Gift Certificate in just minutes... or buy you some time with a Certificate of Belated Delivery

#9 Random Acts of Discount Follow us on Twitter and on our Pashmina Spamina newletter for bulletins on evanescent markdowns and special deals.

#10: We like you. We're never too busy to talk about bridal party colors, trekking in Nepal, or global warming. Even if you don't buy anything!

At Sunrise Pashmina, you shop with confidence.

Sunrise Pashmina Internet distribution office:
511 W. Green St., Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Call us at (607) 256-0102. Night or day.
If we can't answer immediately, we'll get back to you. Soon.
Or email us at

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