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Sunrise Pashmina: Premium Quality at Fair Prices

Wedding Pashmina

A wedding accessory that you can actually wear when the wedding is over

Sunrise Pashmina ironclad guarantee Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Pashmina -- for the totally non-no-frills wedding

The sun peeks out for a brief blaze of glory just as the newly-shackled couple clambers into the limousine. Everyone heads toward the lakeside reception, and a breeze kicks up. The bridesmaids [ More... ]

Pashmina is ideal cruisewear

Something special for the honeymoon cruise...

Something fancy...

Get your Bridal Discount here!

Well, not really here... You have to place your order at the regular place (click on any Order link). If your order comes to $300 or more and includes at least 3 identical pieces, we will automatically take a 10% discount off your order, and give you free DHL delivery, in addition to free tote bags, free earrings, and free mini-purses. ("Automatically" means you don't have to ask.) Beautiful packing, ready for presentation to your bridesmaids.


What color should I order?

We would strongly recommend you not try to match your dress color exactly. For one thing, the shawl will obscure the lines of your gown, and make life miserable for your photographer. Also, it is hard to get an exact match of any color, and a slight difference will create eyestrain as your guests try to make sense of the inconsistency. Finally, we can't do bright white -- no one can, unless they bleach the heck out of the fiber, which has the same general effect on the fiber as Clorox would have on your hair. We recommend a modest contrast -- beige or cornflower against an ivory dress, for example.

Size? Blend?

For the petite, we recommend a medium shawl. The 70/30 pashmina-silk blend is most popular, except where price is no object. (But, when you consider how much your maids are spending on gowns they'll probably never wear again, maybe they deserve the ultraposh option?)

Fancy stuff?

Okay, we know next-to-nothing about haut-de-gamme stylistics, BUT... We're not crazy about beaded fringes... they seem a bit Haight-Ashbury, don't they? On the other hand, we are sort of fond of full-surface embroidery, particularly the Kanya Devi. If you give us enough time, we can work out a really fancy version, tricked out with beaded or sequined accents to match your floral theme. For a regal but not-quite-gaudy touch, we also recommend gold-thread emparata borders on ivory or cream -- or whatever color might complement the bride's maids' dresses.

With apologies to the Hindus among us, we strongly advise against heavy use of medium reds, simply because they tend to blow out the sensors on digital images.

When do I need to order?

Unless you want special customization, ten days is usually sufficient. However, when the stakes are so high, we recommend ordering a month in advance. Then you'll have one less thing to worry about.


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Jody's wedding shawl

Learn to dance!

Back from Tahiti, your Mom greets you with a package. Special delivery... she had to sign for it. It's the wedding video. Everybody rushes for the screening room. Popcorn and sangria for all! Okay, here's the vows... not so bad... hers were touchant... and you remembered most of yours. And now, the spotlight dance...

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But oh no! Is that you trying to get away with your impression of the washing machine on rinse cycle? One of the best investments you can make is a crash course in ballroom and Latin dance.


En pointe!

Okay, you're just a bit taller than him. No problem. Ordinarily, you like that edge. But why rub it in with 3"-pumps? Here's an idea: [More... ]

Insure your day!

If you want to make sure it doesn't rain, you carry your umbrella, right? Okay, now focus on all the things that can go awry on your big day. Ring gets lost. Video guy forgets to recharge the camcorder battery. Mr. Right elopes with your maid of honor. Well, if you want to make darn sure [ More... ]


Say it with flowers.

Quiz time! What flower means "I share your sentiments of loyal love"? Did you guess Peruvian Heliotrope? Gloxinia?? [ More... ]


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Hello everybody at Sunrise Pashmina,
Today I got some more tickles about buying another ombre pashmina from you. I took a look around at your website and I started wondering if I ever sent you a picture of me wearing your pashimina on my wedding day...

So, although very late, here is a picture of me in my wedding dress (with the pash). People were impressed by the pash, as they always mention it to me when I wear it again ("oh, that's the one you wore at your wedding, it's beautiful"). Maybe you have an in-house gallery of happy customers you can use this picture for! ;-)

So thanks again for this pash and hopefully I'll return in the coming period for another one!

Kindest regards,
CW, Uden, the Netherlands

Balanced Living Magazine

Balanced Living: our favorite lifestyle magazine ... ever since the Jan.-Feb. 2007 issue, featuring "My Big Fat Organic Wedding", an inspiring account of the editor's truly imaginative event (complete with Tartan and blessing stones) -- and we're in it!!!

Our Ceremony
Franklin and I crafted our wedding ceremony to embody our religious and cultural heritages, while at the same time reflecting our personal beliefs and values. Two of our close friends were invited to officiate along with a rabbi; and together, the five of us created a ceremony with reverence for our backgrounds and relevance in our daily lives. During the ceremony I pinned a swatch of my family's Scottish tartan to Franklin to signify his entry into my family. We also asked some of our friends to join us under the chuppah (marriage canopy) to offer their personal interpretation of one of the seven traditional Jewish ceremonial blessings. As our guests came in, each was invited to select a stone from a bowl before heading to his/her seat. During the ceremony each was asked to bless the stone with an intention for us and place it back in the bowl before leaving. These stones, now a part of our home, carry the energy of every guest at our wedding.

Our Gifts to Women Attendants
Our women attendants found themselves cozy in the crisp autumn air during our outdoor ceremony because we had given each of them a royal-purple wrap made of Pashmina wool, handmade to order in Nepal by Sunrise Pashmina, a very small fair-trade company that is owned and operated by its owner, Tsering Choekyap Sherpa in Nepal. The internet-sales portion of the company is based in Ithaca and provides exceptional, personal service. We even received a hand-written note from Tsering himself, offering us best wishes and blessings from his entire team of skilled workers. Sharing the elegant, quality Pashmina shawls was a rewarding experience from start to finish.

You can subcribe to Balanced Living online or by contacting editor/publisher Maggie Busser at 216-226-6094 or

baby blanket

Baby your baby pashmina!

Non-no-frills, cont'd.
reach into their elegant faux-brocade purses for those definitely-not-faux 70% pashmina/30% silk shawls... cloud white, identical to the bride's -- except for the Florata embroidery on hers. The guys in their snappy tuxes shrug, and unfurl their matching pashmina mufflers. Now who's cool?

Sunrise knows how much your buddies deserve this extravagant party favor... and how much you're going to need yours on that air-conditioned flight to Tahiti, where, believe it or not, the zephyrs wafting in off the lagoon can get a bit chilly in the mai-tai evenings. And how god-awful expensive this whole thing is. Stretch limousine. Parchment invitations. Flowers. Flowers, holy kamoly!! That's why Sunrise Pashmina offers a so-called Bridal Discount:

10% off our regular prices and free shipping for orders over $300 which include at least three identical shawls. Free earrings and mini-purses with each shawl. Note: Although this offer was inspired by the special needs of bridal parties, it is definitely available to the non-betrothed.

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Shoe pointers, cont'd.
ballet slippers! And, while we're at it, here's a tip for the guy whose idea of dressing up is trading in his Birkenstocks for Nike Air Jordans: take a few hours to break in those new Oxfords before you go squeaking down the aisle. And bring a couple of jumbo Band Aids to patch up your blistered Achilles' tendon.

Insurance, cont'd.
that any cloud that shows up on your special day has a substantial silver lining, there's only one solution: wedding insurance. Here's one outfit that even covers you if your relatives are flying in from China and get hung up at the airport because someone on the flight had a little cough that sounded like SARS: WedSafe. Check the fine print though... they're probably not going to cover for feckless fiancé syndrome.

We ran across this on Laura Fisher's blog:


December 23, 2003

mercurial dispatch

I had given up hope. The note on the UPS tracking site said ADDITIONAL IMPORT DOCUMENTS REQUIRED, dated 2 days ago. My pashmina was stuck in Hong Kong and was going to be there a while, as far as the website was willing to tell me. Knowing that Mercury is retrograde right now, I figured there was no way it was going to get to me before the wedding. But a ring of the bell this morning ("you go - you've got a robe on!") and a big brown truck pulling away from the curb dispatched my disappointment to the hinterlands.

Oh, it's just so lovely - ruby red, just like I asked for (custom dyed, dontcha know) and gorgeous silver floral embroidery around the edges. And soft, so so soft. It's going to look beautiful with my dress. And besides all that, how cool is it to get a shipment from Kathmandu, Nepal?!

In any case, I highly recommend Sunrise Pashmina if you find yourself in the market for a shawl. Custom made, very reasonably priced and sans UPS blunders, the shipping would have been very quick. Even with them, it was only three weeks from the time I placed my order to when I had it cozily wrapped around my shoulders. Yum.

wedding pashmina

Yapping flowers, cont'd.
Damask Rose??? Nope, nope, and triple nope. It's the humble daisy! According to an article in Contemporary Bride, people used to attribute conventional meanings to specific flowers. There were even whole books published on the topic, including The Language of Poetry and Flowers. Here's a little primer:

Hmmm... what about Black-eyed Susan? Curiously, Contemporary Bride isn't saying. Probably something like "This is an offer you don't want to refuse..."


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