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Sunrise Pashmina: Premium Quality at Fair Prices

Straight-Beaded Fringes for your Pashmina

Sunrise Pashmina ironclad guarantee Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Sunrise Pashmina's Guarantee: Absolute satisfaction or your money back!*
*(Well... maybe you'd better read the small print.)

For full information about beaded wraps, see our Beading page.

How to design and order straight-beaded fringes

1. Choose the fringe style you prefer.

2. Choose the beads. You may specify color(s), finish (sparkly or matte) and pattern. Except for style SB03, you may choose round or cylindrical beads.

3. Beaded fringes for shawls (full- or medium-size) cost an additional $15; for mufflers, the cost is $7.50.

4. To order, first select the shawl or muffler you desire on the Order Wraps page. When you get to the shopping cart, you should indicate your customization requirements in the Ordering Instructions text box. Be sure to give full details of color, shape, bead pattern, and color pattern. We will contact you if anything is unclear.

Above left: SB01. Above center: SBO2 (fringes taper from 3" in the center to 3/4" at the sides). Above right: SB03.

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Sunrise Pashmina's Internet distribution office:
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Call us at (607) 256-0102. Night or day.
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