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Internet distribution office: 511 W. Green St., Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Email: info@sunrise-pashmina.com Tel.: (607) 256-0102

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FABRIC Fullsize

95 X 203 cm
(36" x 80")

70 x 203 cm
(28" x 80")
30.5 x 80 cm
(12" x 60")
Baby Blanket
91 cm x 91cm
(36" x 36")
double-weight 100% pashmina
with border options
100% pashmina $130 $120 $43 $84
70% pashmina/
30% silk
$95 $85 $38 N/A
50% pashmina/
50% silk
$85 $75 N/A N/A

Customization Options

How to Order Customized Wraps




Sunrise Pashmina wants you to be absolutely satisfied with your purchase. If by some horrible misfortune you are not, please contact us before returning your purchase. And above all, do not return anything to an address in Kathmandu -- the customs duty on these goods as they enter Nepal is more than the retail value of the items! Instead, we will give you directions for returning your purchase to our New York office. If you are located in the United States, send your order to us, insured, in one of those free boxes you get at the post office, to:

Sunrise Pashmina Internet sales office:
511 W. Green St.
Ithaca, NY
14850 USA

Be sure to include your name and order number. And do let us know that it is on the way.

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