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Sunrise Pashmina: Premium Quality at Fair Prices
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This page will feature our largest size shawl (approximately 80 by 36 inches) in basic weave. Basic weave is a straightforward over-under-over-under checkerboard weave. Our basic weave shawls use 28/1 weight yarn, which means one kilo of yarn would be 28 kilometers long.

These are our current large-format photo galleries:

100% pashmina shawls

Pashmina/Silk Blend Shawls

Shawls in other fabrics

We don't have many shawls in medium-size basic weave, but we do have a range of colors in our heavier medium-size twill-weave 100% pashmina. If you are looking for a lighter-weight fabric (still 100% pashmina), you should check out the fabulous Pumori Weave (ultra-light diamond jacquard) shawls.

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Photographs Coming Soon

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