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Sunrise Pashmina: Premium Quality at Fair Prices

Advice for First-Time Sunrise Shoppers

Take your time.

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The good news is that, with a few modest exceptions, we sell only pashmina wraps. The bad news is that, within our very limited product line, there are a lot of choices. In addition, we have a ton of non-essential verbiage on this Web site. Let's start with the essential.

The Gift of Pashmina

First, if you are looking for a gift, you should consider a gift certificate.

  • You can make the certificate as specific as you want (to control your costs), or you can make it open-ended.
  • Your gift will be on time (since we can send a printable file by return email).
  • You will confer the additional gift of creativity, rather than foisting your own (admittedly impeccable) sense of color and design on your friend). In other words, she'll have to deal with these mind-twisting options, and you can move on to the next person on your gift list.

For more about gifting pashmina, see the pages in the Pashmina as Gift drop-down menu. There are pages on shawls for bridal parties, baby blanketsgift certificates and certificates of belated delivery. If you are thinking of giving multiple pieces, check out the Bridal Discount (which is not limited to bridal parties, actually).

Empar at skate park with medium-size Sabhanda-Sundar superfine 100% pashmina shawl, <br> Oshinko digital print

Empar at skate park with medium-size Sabhanda-Sundar
superfine 100% pashmina shawl with Oshinko digital print

General Advice

Once you have decided that you really do want to order a pashmina wrap, you should decide on size, fabric, and color. Then consider customizations. All the information you'll need is in the second pull-down menu from the left, at the top of this page. Here's our advice:

  • Go for full-size. Our so-called medium is the same generous length and only a bit narrower. The added width of the full-size gives you more flexibility in folding and draping. As for the length, you might consider that the women of Nepal are probably a lot more petite than you are, and this is the size they prefer.
  • If you're buying for yourself, or for another woman with sophisticated tastes, definitely choose the 100% pashmina. It is much much much more scrumptious than the 70/30. And the superfine Pumori is totally awesome.
  • On the other hand, the 70/30 is extremely popular, both because of its additional strength and its elegant drape. AND... you can embroider the pashmina-silk blends (unlike the 100%).
  • The "compact muffler" is pretty small. Nice, but small.
  • You can order the shawl without fringes, but that's kind of like getting a Persian cat or a collie and docking the tail. The hangie-down things may seem a bit de trop, but they're really the product hallmark.
  • Baby blankets are easy -- not so many choices. (Okay, there is the whole reproductive complication, but right now we're just thinking about the blanket part.)
  • Our most popular colors are black, ivory, dove gray, pale lilac, baby blue, petal pink, and crimson. Our personal favorites are cobalt, fire-engine red, and deep grape.
  • Embroidery is yummy, and not so expensive as you might guess. You can choose your colors, which is fun, and then you can tell people you designed it yourself.
  • Beading adds a bit of bling, and is also very inexpensive.
  • Ombre (two-toned gradient dying) is really cool. Long-to-long makes more sense (to us) than narrow-to-narrow. We prefer colors that are related, such as camel and chocolate, medium gray and charcoal, lilac and grape.
  • You can order pretty much whatever colors you want. (See below)

How to Order

Ordering is a bit counter-intuitive. That's because there are so many choices that we can't program our shopping cart to accommodate them all on a push-button basis.

So, what you do is go to the Catalog page, and click on the size and fabric you need. Then, once you are inside the shopping cart, you'll find some of the major options can be selected on pull-down menus. Anything else, including color, can be specified by writing the thread color number(s) (from our thread color charts) or conventional color name(s) in the Ordering Instructions textbox on the second page of the Shopping Cart. That's where you'll also specify details of embroidery, personalized inscriptions, beading, ombre, and fringe customizations. You can specify a message to be included with a gift, or whatever else comes to mind.

The provisional receipt that pops up after you submit the order form does not indicate that payment has actually been processed. We have to calculate the costs of customizations, send you a confirmation letter, and then process payment manually after we are sure that we understand exactly what you want.

Don't hesitate to email (info@sunrise-pashmina.com) or call us (607 256-0102) with your questions. We like chatting with our customers. (Of course, we can be all-business, if you're in a rush.)

Annotated Site Map

Note: Site Map color-coded sectors correspond to drop-down menus in the Navigation Bar

Start Here

Start Here
Advice for first-time Sunrise shoppers. (Suggestions, anyone?)
Update and Discounts
Update on new products, posted information, and current discounts.
Why buy from Sunrise?
For those who have never ordered from us before, and are wondering if they're in the right place.
Printable Page
No-frills cheatsheet with all the key details that you need in order to make your choice.
Shipping and Returns
You should definitely be aware of our policies.
Site Map
This is a page list required to facilitate indexing by Google spiders. For you, the annotated sitemap you're looking at right now will probably be a lot more useful.

Place an Order

Catalog of Sunrise Products
A summary listing of products, with purchase buttons.
Size and Fabric
Explanations of the basic options.
Color is the trickiest parameter in the pashmina business. The big problem is how to make sure you're telling us exactly what you want. We've got two moderately helpful color sample pages: our own Color Chooser with digital swatches, and the Thread Chart (actually 4 linked pages: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]), with photos of the embroidery thread sampler that Kathmandu pashmina dyers actually rely on.
Lots of choices. Border designs, fullsurface, personal inscriptions.
Jacquard is a special kind of weaving that creates a repeated pattern of a particular design. The effect is rather like a watermark in paper -- the image is not a different color from the background. Tres chic!!
Ombre (pronounce ombray is an effect created by dying in two color baths, with the colors grading into each other.
Fringes and Beading
Our basic shawl design entails 3-inch (8-cm) knotted fringes, but you can request shorter or longer fringes, with our without knots; or even no fringes at all. (For safety, baby blankets are fringeless with silk border hemming.) We have quite a few variations of straight- and net-beaded fringes. You can choose the color and shape of the beads, and even create new designs. Beads can also be incorporated into embroidered designs.
We have about a half dozen designs, with many more to come, which can be applied on any size or fabric shawl or muffler.
("Ready-to-Wear") A limited (but expanding!) selection of items is available for immediate shipment from Ithaca, NY, to other destinations in continental US. Most of our sales are custom-made in Nepal, which means it takes about a week for your shawl to reach you. The pret-a-porter collection includes fresh, brand new shawls and scarves, and it will reach you in two business days. Need it quicker? Ask about express services.

Photograph Galleries

Directory of Sunrise photo galleries
Plain Shawls
Photos of plain, solid-color wraps
Embroidered Shawls
Photos of embroidered shawls and mufflers
Jacquard Shawls
Photos of jacquard (patterned) shawls and mufflers
Ombre Shawls
Photos of ombre two-toned gradient-dyed shawls and mufflers
Photos of beaded shawls
Photos of our new print shawls
Photos of items currently available in our Pret-a-Porter ("Ready to Wear") collection

Pashmina as a Gift

Special Occasions
Useful suggestions.
As if you don't get enough advice from friends, colleagues, relatives, and everybody else.
Baby Blankets
Get your baby blankets here!
Gift Certificates
Oh-my-God! Your mother-in-law's birthday is tomorrow! No time for us to deliver a peacemaker pashmina... but we could send you (or her, directly) a printable gift certificate, in the nick of time. In fact, why try to guess what color or embroidery she wants? It's much more fun for her, and less stressful for you, if you let her choose.

More Information About Pashmina

What is pashmina?
More information about the fiber, fabric and manufacture of pashmina shawls than you'll find anywhere else on the Web.
How to Wear Pashmina
Links to Oprah's elusive archived interview with Charla Krupp of Glamour magazine, plus LOTS of other (much better) resources.
How to Wash Pashmina
Pashmina does not have to be drycleaned; we tell you how to wash your shawl by hand and (if necessary) iron it safely.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Okay, we admit it: we never read FAQ lists, ourselves. But... these questions and answers really are pretty useful. Questions include: Are Sunrise products as good as the designer label stuff? What about the guarantee? Is it safe to order by Internet?
Pashmina in the News
News items about the pashmina industry.
About Nepal
We love this country. You should plan a visit as soon as possible.

External Links

We like to post our friends' links. Cross-links are welcome, but not de rigueur.

About Us

The Sunrise Story
We're quirky, but we have great customer service and we have the best pashmina you can buy.
Our Other Projects
What we're doing in Nepal, and how you too can get involved.
You can buy directly from our producer at prices as low as or lower than we pay.
Fan Mail
Very entertaining, and informative. Write one yourself, and we'll make you (or at least your initials) famous.
Media Coverage
We're not really really famous, but we've gotten some attention, and we expect more... one of these days.
Address, email, telephone number. We make it easy for you to get through to us.


Today's Discounts
Ongoing and temporary discounts. Definitely worth checking out.
Sundari print pashmina shawl
Empar, Fafner, and the Sundari print Pashmina Shawl

Sunrise Pashmina's Internet distribution office:
511 W. Green St., Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Call us at (607) 256-0102. Night or day.
If we can't answer immediately, we'll get back to you. Soon.
Or email us at info@sunrise-pashmina.com

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